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This page was last updated on 03/03/2002

Dedicated to Dragons... I shall try to bring the following to those who are interested

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(and remember, I'm still looking for people to send me pics to put here)

Courtesy of Jake!
Link to jake-1.jpg (76kb) Link to jake4.jpg (44Kb)
Courtesy of Steve!
Link to Upham_1a.jpg (30K) Link to Upham_2a.jpg (66K) Link to Upham_3.jpg (41K)
Courtesy of Sir Dragonheart!
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 Justin's page has about 200K of animated images.

Click on the small images to see larger pics or...
Click on the Castle to see  Justin's animated pics (including the castle)!
Link to Battle.jpg (30K) Courtesy of Neysa! Visit her Unicorn site!
Link to Seadragon-1.jpg (127KB) Link to Dragonsea-1.jpg (158KB)  

Courtesy of Laney!


I want to put more images here. If you would like to see your dragon image on this page, please email it to me and I will post it. Please don't send me any copyrighted work without the owner's permission. Thanks!

Interesting links (click on the image to go to the site!)

Dragon and other Fantasy Links

Link to the movie site. A special thanks to Bumper22, who pointed me to a site which had a link to the Dragonheart site! Click the pic to the left to jump to Dragonheart. And check out the next site which pointed me to the Dragonheart site.
dragonsp.gif (2161 bytes) D.R.A.G.O.N.S. Home page A most excellent Dragon site!
Link to Here Be Dragons Site Here is a great dragon site! Be sure to check it out!
Link to Deep Within Site And check out Jake's site, Where you'll find dragons, tigers, horses and many other great drawings!
Link to VFXHQ Dragonheart page. Take a look at Visual Effects Headquarter's Dragonheart page!

The Page Renaissance and Medieval

An excellent site of all things Medieval, including Dragons!
afd3.JPG (8162 bytes) A really fantastic dragon site!
I'm jealous!
spellbound4b.gif (4626 bytes) Some wonderful pen and ink fantasy art available for sale! Check out the Spellbound Gallery!
unicorn.gif (2271 bytes) Neysa's Unicorn
Picture Page
Many pictures of the wonderous Unicorn plus links to many other Fantasy pages.
Link to The Dragon's EyeThe Dragon's Eye A site full of Dragon Pics and Links to many other sites! Be sure to check out Quicksilver's Site!

Other Interesting links

effulgent.jpg (9083 bytes) Check out Nathan's site! (He's the one who created the Dragonheart banner!) Wondering what effulgent means? Click on the button!

I'll be posting more links soon. If you want me to link to your page or you know of a dragon site you like, let me know and I'll add it.


Daniel G. suggested that I include a spot for stories about dragons. Since I am an avid reader of dragon tales, I think this is a great idea. So if you would like to see your story posted here, please email it to me so that I can add it to this section. Thanks Daniel!
i1.gif (1301 bytes) Quest For a Name: Part 1 by Alvin (added 7/4/98)
i1.gif (1301 bytes) Quest For a Name: Part 2 by Alvin (added 7/29/98)
i1.gif (1301 bytes) The Ancient Serpents by Alvin (added 8/8/98)
i1.gif (1301 bytes) Dinner is Served by Snake
This one is not about dragons, but I found it facinating, though too short. Enjoy!
i1.gif (1301 bytes) Edge of the Infinite by Laney
Be sure to check out her site at Laney.net


Follow this link to check out the Renaissance Faires in your area. I collect Dragon miniatures (of which I have about 50) and these places are a great source!

Two, I must mention since I'm from Texas are:

Scarborough Faire (near Dallas): April 25th to June 14th
Texas Renaissance Festival (near Houston) October 3rd to November 14th.

The last fair I went to...

The Arizona Renaissance Festival (near Phoenix, AZ): February 7 to March 29, 1998. (already past, but look for it about this time next year)

If you know of any other upcoming events about dragons or events that dragon lovers would enjoy, email me with the info and I'll post it here.

Other Legendary Creatures

Harlan suggests putting some stuff on Gryphons here! Even though the site is dedicated to dragons, we are not prejudiced against any of the other greater species and would be happy to post pics or any other information.

Let me know you visited (and what you liked or didn't like about this site). mike@dragonheart.com


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