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Quest For a Name: Part 1 by Alvin

The Elder Dragons came together in the beginning of mankind. They were many, and man few. They knew that would sometime change. They needed a champion of all dragons to come forth and accept the mission to the upper world to retrieve the scepter of the dragons. With it, they would be able to make a peace for a time between the man and dragon. They chose one of the youngest dragons. He accepted gracefully. This dragon didn't have a name. You see, in a dragon's world, you needed to earn a name. It's not as the human world goes where you are born and you are given a name. He was taken before the high elder and given all the knowledge he would need for the trip. he gave him a blessing of the high dragons and let him go to the far north. He flew until he came to a early human village. The houses were made from straw and horses and livestock were scattered everywhere. The dragon's hunger rose in him as he eyed the sheep. The dragon swooped down and grabbed one in it's jaws. Two human villagers came running out of their homes and screamed. They didn't know what to make of the beast for the elder dragons had never come out of the caves and the humans had never seen the beasts before. The dragon gasped and started to flap it's wings. "Sorry!" The dragon called behind him as he took off toward the north. He flew over the forever glittering ocean, looking below. Sea life sprouted everywhere. As the dragon went along, he saw a continent of land ahead. He saw a village. But he also saw a many people, armed to the teeth with spears, bows and arrows, and shields made of wood. Unfortunately, that was the last thing he saw because he then had a blackout.

When he awoke, he saw that he was sitting in a dark cave. Around him, dragons were silently waiting for something. He sat up and said "Dragons? Across the sea? Are there Elders?" He asked intently. The dragon closest to him said "To answer your question, yes, yes, and I am the elder." Our hero bowed and said "I'm looking for the scepter of the dragons. My elders say that if I return it to them I will earn my name and also I'll bind the Humans and Dragons together." The elder nodded. "We to are frightened that the humans might be a threat to our dragons to." He asked to go on his way. The elder agreed and said "Tell your elders about our existence!" he nodded and yelled back "I will!" He came closer to the village he had a black out before at and saw that the villagers we ready to throw their spears. He then whispered "Give it your best shot."

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Quest For a Name: Part 2 by Alvin

Take your best shot. That's where our hero left off. He was just about to defend himself against a pack of savage humans throwing spears and flame throwers. He dodged left to right, faking, dropping , zooming ahead. He was fine until he spotted a glint of gold that looked like a scepter! He was distracted momentarily. That was enough time for a villager to pierce his left wing!

"YEOW!" The dragon yelped. He careened through the air and crashed in the cave. He knocked what looked a lot like the scepter to the floor where it smashed into millions of pieces. "Well, I could always krazy glue it together." The dragon said sarcastically. He heard the townsfolk rushing up the hill and the dragon got a plan.

Soon the cave was full of villagers, cornering the dragon. "Wait! Why must we fight! If we could understand each other, I'm sure there would be a way we could live together in harmony! To co-exist! Peace?" "You tried to burn our village! Others of your kind have terrorized us before! Why should we treat you differently?" One of the Townsfolk cried. "Only because you had attacked them first! I was flying over head and you just attacked me for no reason!" The townsfolk looked down at their feet and agreed that the dragon was correct. Some of the villagers decided to come with the dragon back to his home land. They climbed on the dragon's back and they took off.

At a ceremony late that night, the dragon was honored with a name. And it was a special name, because he had made peace with the humans with out the scepter. His name was... The Elder.

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The Ancient Serpents: by Alvin

The sun-god RE is floating down the River Nile when suddenly, out of the deep, a large serpent beast crashes through the waves, pounding the boat away! Suddenly, another dragon forms from the deep! RE is struggling with the paddle, but it seems of no use! The second beast shoots up out of the water and screams! But this dragon is a guardian none other than... MEBEN! The other serpent gasps and turns to attack MEBEN! This first demon has the wicked name of APEP! APEP is a dragon like MEBEN, except he is evil! MEBEN guards over the sun-god RE. APEP has for years tried to destroy RE, but MEBEN has always stopped him. And he forever will. (RE is the Egyptian sun-god. MEBEN supposedly watched over him. APEP was the one who would try to destroy RE. This is Egyptian mythology. You can look it up for yourself, if you wish.)

Here is a poem taken from the book entitled "The book of Dragons" by Judy Allen

Up from his shoulders
there grew a hundred snake heads,
those of a dreaded dragon,
and the heads licked with dark tongues
and from the eyes on
the inhuman heads fire glittered
from under the eyelids.
From all his heads fire flared
from his eyes' glancing;
and inside each one of these horrible heads
were voices
that threw out every sort of horrible sound.
Now it is right we tell you
Of the form of the dragon.
Of all beasts creep
Is the dragon the far biggest.
The real dragon- it is found
In the kingdom of Ethiopia.
It has a little mouth and a big body;
In the air it glows like fine gold
It has a long tail and a great crest.
Great trouble it makes for the elephant,
For with it's tail it strikes it
In the legs so it throws it down;
It bears no deadly poison,
But it is vastly big and strong,
And with it's tail it scourges
Everything within it's reach;
Nor does it do great hurt
Save with it's tail only.

>From the Christian Bible:

'And I saw an angel come down from heaven, having the key of the bottomless pit and and great chain in his hand. And he laid hold on the dragon, that old serpent, which is the Devil, and Satan, and bound him in a thousand years. And cast him into the bottomless pit, and shut him up, and set a seal upon him.' Rev. 20:1-3

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