Mark William Kridner

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October 3, 1960 - November 28, 1998

My name is Kirk Kridner of Austin, Texas. I am the oldest child of Ken and Eloise Kridner of Houston, Texas. My parents had four children: myself; Mike Kridner of Houston; Mark Kridner of Austin; and Kathy Carasas of San Antonio, Texas.

My brother, Mark, was suddenly and tragically taken from us in a traffic accident early Saturday evening, November 28, 1998, in Austin. The facts of the accident are rather sketchy as it was an apparent one-car accident and there are no known witnesses. Mark was traveling west on Southwest Parkway between Mopac (Loop 1) and Republic of Texas Blvd. Mark was heading in the direction of his apartment, which was about a mile away. When I went to his apartment on Sunday after the accident, I found his laptop computer on his dining room table still running and there was a sandwich wrapper in the wreckage, so it appears that he had been working on his computer and went to get something to eat. He was driving his new 1998 Pontiac Firebird that he has owned for about 8 months and apparently lost control of his vehicle while in a curve. The car slid sideways off the roadway into a grove of cedar trees and overturned several times uprooting a number of trees before coming to rest upside down. There were two paramedics who heard the accident and turned around to investigate. By the time they reached Mark, he was already gone and there was nothing that could be done. Our family and his many friends will miss Mark very much.

The following is the obituary that was published in the Austin and Houston papers:

MARK WILLIAM KRIDNER Mark William Kridner, 38, was suddenly taken from this world and passed into eternal life with our Father on Saturday, November 28, 1998, in Austin, Texas. Born on October 3, 1960, in Refugio, Texas, Mark was an Honor graduate of both Westbury High School in Houston and the University of Texas in Austin. He was recognized in the field of software programing and, during his too short career he did programing work for the space shuttle for NASA with Link Flight Simulation Corporation, defense work with Lockheed Missiles & Space, and telecommunications with the Iridium satellite project for Motorola. Mark also did work for other companies including American Airlines, 3-M, Boeing, and Kodak as well as running several of his own software related enterprises. Immediately prior to passing, he was working in Rochester, N.Y. Prior to that Mark had been working on projects in Austin and in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as attending graduate studies at Southwest Texas State University in San Marcus. Mark is preceded in death by his grandparents, Mr. & Mrs. W. S. Kirkland of Woodsboro, Texas, and Mr. & Mrs. Levi J. Kridner of Alvin, Texas. Mark is survived by his parents, Eloise and Ken Kridner of Houston, Texas, brothers, Kirk Kridner of Austin, Texas, Mike Kridner of Houston, Texas, and sister, Kathy Carasas of San Antonio, Texas, two nieces, and three nephews, and other relatives and friends.

All of our family would like to thank everyone who has shown so much support and love during this time of sorrow.

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